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  • World Class Standards

    Artificial intelligence doesn't make human mistakes. The provided code is 100% always W3C valid and matches ISO/IEC 15445 standards.

  • Online Editor

    Easily edit your webpage content and design with our drag-n-drop editor. You can either download source code or launch your website directly on our servers.

  • Website Hosting

    Our clients get 24/7 support service with highly qualified customer-support team. Our servers proudly uptime 99%.

  • Custom Domain

    Register of the cheapest priced domains with Fronty thanks to our partners. Or assign already registered domains to your newly created website.

More features from Fronty

Thanks to more than 2 decades experience in front-end, here are
the best practices we follow and provide to our customers.

Clean code

We provide 0 line custom written code. Whole code is based on a world-known frameworks, properly customized.

Page speed optimized

All the final code is minified. Images are optimized. Critical CSS and CRP are rendered. All that automatically!

SEO Friendly

Search Engine optimization best practices are followed by ex-Google SEO specialists guidance.

Well commented code

It's always terrible to maintain someone else code when it's not clear. Comments and clean code are the key features of our code, to make it super easy-to-maintain.

Semantic HTML

The provided code follows the best practices of writing semantic markup. There is also structured data support which is again auto-generated.


Usage of ARIA landmarks makes our generated website easily accessible! We value it too much!

SCSS instead of CSS

Source code is based on powerful SCSS. Enjoy variables, nesting and many other great features which definitely miss in CSS.

Customized Bootstrap theme

The provided code is based on the world's most popular UI framework Bootstrap. In addition we provide a powerful library

Mobile-tablet friendly

Mobile first approach is used when generating our code.

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