How about Artificial Intelligence in the education system

2019-12-06 11:45:04  1557 seen

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Human-made robots and computer systems are referred to AI which is programmed with performing tasks as humans. For example generalization, learning or reasoning. With this ability now AI is being considered as one of the main parts of people's modern life.

As stated by a report, the US education is experiencing over 48% growth in the AI market during these 3 years. 

So how artificial intelligence is going to shape the coming education industry? 

It's developing automation which will be the most important indicative of that system.

Here are some examples to insight how can be changed the education industry through AI.

One of the main missions of technology is connecting the world. AI solution is intended to develop tools that can enable schools all over the world to become one global school with their classrooms.

Humans' tutors still can offer more kowledge than AI of course, yet artificial intelligence tutors are programmed now to teach basic maths, writing and so on. Also learn that soon with the daily developing AI tutors will be able to replace humans tutors.

AI systems are developing a learning profile for each student based on customization. Due to this customization training materials can be moduled for every student considering their ability, preferable learning mode and experience.

There are sure also risks of artificial intelligence in the educational systems and education industry

  1. Stimulation in unemployment
  2. Personal interaction and engagement  reduce 
  3. Poor - rich gap expand
  4. Quality compromise 
  5. Technology addiction of students and the whole humanity boost

To summarize the mentioned:

Hardly anybody can judge new technologies efficiency in the humans' lives and education industry for now but the impact will be noticed soon from all kind institutions.