6 worst bugs in the history

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Worst programming bugs in the history

One small mistake can make someone a rich person just in a few seconds and it can also cause a loss of money in business and even human life. Let's talk about some of the famous bugs made by programmers in history:

1. Ariane 5 Rocket Failure (1996)

The rocket exploded just after 40 seconds of its launch. The reason - Integer Overflow. The coding was done in Ada. After the investigation of the team,
they found that the line of code tries to fit a 64-bit number into a 16-bit space.


2. Y2K Bug (1999)

The Y2K bug basically was the product of a time when memory had prohibitive cost. For saving space, several years would be represented as two digits rather than four — so, instead of '1999' it would be '99'. The problem is, when the millennium happens, it would be as if the clock went backwards to 1900.


3. Patriot Missile Failure (1991)

During the First Gulf War, a Patriot Missile was deployed to detect and intercept a Scud missile attack that relied on very accurate timing. Due to the rounding error in the system, it calculated the incorrect time and the missile failed to intercept Iraqi Scud missile attack on an army barracks in Saudi Arabia.

4. Gangnam Style Broke Youtube

When the youtube was developed for the first time no one could think that a song can get billions of views. The maximum value for a 32-bit signed integer is 2, 147, 483, 647 and when a song Gangnam Style came to the views on this hit song by Korean pop star exceeded the maximum value and we got the below result…


5. Pentium FDIV Bug (1993)

This bug was found in the Pentium x86 processor by a professor of mathematics T.Nicely in 1993. This maths error was dividing floating-point numbers within a specific range. For example, to devide 4195835.0/3145727.0 yielded 1.33374 instead of 1.33382045, an error of 0.006%.

6. Paypal Error (2007)

PayPal accidentally makes Pennsylvania man Chris Reynolds the world’s richest person with $92 quadrillion. PayPal erroneously credits this amount in his account and he became one thousand times wealthier than the total combined GDP of the whole planet. The exact amount is significant in the world of 64-bit numbers suggesting a programming error.