7 Best Python Courses Online

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7 Best Python Courses Online

Should You Take Python Courses?

If you are just beginning to learn to program or have completed computer science and want to learn Python, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss my top online Python courses for 2022. Python is a well-known programming language that is used in a wide range of fields, including web development, automation, data science, and machine learning, to name a few.

Python has also recently become the default language for data science and machine learning projects, which is why many seasoned programmers are learning Python in 2022. It is also one of the best programming languages to learn in 2022, according to my list. Despite its power and flexibility, Python remains a simple language to learn and is frequently cited as the best programming language for beginners.

Assume you are a Java or web developer who uses JavaScript to build web applications. In that case, learning Python still makes sense because becoming a polyglot programmer, that is, learning more than one programming language, increases your knowledge and experience and makes you more appealing to employers. Assume you want to learn a new programming language. In that case, Python is a good choice, especially if you want to pursue a lucrative career in data science or machine learning.

Although it is best suited for data science and automation, the Python programming language can also be used to create a wide range of applications for a variety of platforms.

Check out the best Python courses below to get started on your path to becoming a Python expert!


1. Complete Python Bootcamp

python complete course

With over 250,000 students, this is one of the most popular Python courses on Udemy. This speaks volumes about the course's quality.

This is a comprehensive yet simple course for learning the Python programming language that is appropriate for programmers of all levels. In this course, you will learn Python 3 practically. You will begin by downloading and installing Python on your computer and then progress to other topics.

It is also a hands-on course in which an instructor will demonstrate and explain real-time programming. Quizzes, notes, homework assignments, and three core projects are also included to help you build a portfolio of Python projects to supplement your learning.

The cost for this curse is about $ 10.99 or $ 9.99 during the Udemy Flash Sale.


2. Complete Python Masterclass

complete python masterclass

Udemy's Complete Python Masterclass, in addition to covering all of the fundamentals of the Python programming language, also provides online learning with Python 3. Over 26,000 users have rated the tutorial, with an overall average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for beginners' popular online Python course, as with other Udemy courses. The Complete Python Masterclass Course includes 42 hours of on-demand video and lifetime access. Furthermore, you can access it via your mobile phone or television.

Covered topics:

  • The basics of Python

  • Conditional statements and looping

  • Python dictionaries and sets

  • Explaining the binary number system

  • I/O in Python

  • Introduction to program flow control

  • Lists, ranges, and tuples

  • Setting up Python for Linux/Mac/Windows


3. Python Fundamentals

python fundamentals

If you have Pluralsight membership, you should check out this fun Python course. I took a few Pluralsight Python courses, but this one stuck with me. Austin and Robert, the authors, have done an excellent job of making learning enjoyable while also meaningful.

This course, like others, begins from the beginning, and in the first 30 minutes, you will learn how to download and install it on your workstation. Don't worry about your operating system; the course covers installing Python on Linux, Windows, and Mac, so you'll be fine.

The course covers the fundamentals of Python, such as strings and collections, modularity, objects and collections, error handling, iteration, classes, files, resource management, and Python application deployment. 

If you don’t have it yet then you can signup for the 10-day free trial and get access to this course for almost FREE!


4. The Python Bible

the python bible

Another excellent Python course is available on Udemy. This Python course is project-based, and you will complete 11 projects during it. This course is for you if you prefer learning by doing rather than learning individual concepts.

This is a thorough course that will teach you everything you need to know about programming in Python. It delivers on everything the title promises, from A to Z; it's all here! The author, Ziyad, is an award-winning basic-level computer science lecturer who specializes in project-based learning, which is evident in this course.


5. 30 Days of Python 

python best courses

Python surpassed Java as the world's top beginner language in early 2016. Why? Because it is simple enough for beginners while also being advanced enough for professionals.

You can automate transactions by writing simple scripts or creating a complex program. Python can also be used for the Internet of Things, web development, big data, data science, machine learning, and other purposes. This is an appropriate and valuable course for beginners and programmers who are familiar with other programming languages such as Java or C++ and are learning Python.

You'll learn how to write complex Python applications in a month to extract data from almost any website and build Python applications for all types of automation. It's ideal for busy developers who prefer to learn by doing serious work.


6. 100 Python Exercises: Evaluate and Improve Your Skills 

100 python exercises

Udemy's 100 Python Exercises: Measure and Improve Your Skills course will help you improve your Python skills. The Python course includes exercises ranging from beginner to expert level. As a result, Python developers of all skill levels will find something to their liking. You will have learned how to write Python code effectively by the end of 100 Exercises in Python: Assess and Improve Your Skills.

This course is well worth your time and effort if you are looking for a Python developer job or preparing for a Python interview.


7. Python for Everybody Specialization

python for everybody

Coursera Specializations are collections of courses that will assist you in learning and mastering a skill. This specialization consists of a sequence of Python, Data Structure, Web Development, and Database Access with Python courses.  Every Specialization also includes a hands-on project and a certification after you complete all of the courses, exercises, and the hands-on project.

If you're self-learning Python, this is the Specialization for you to not only learn but also get a certification to prove your skills.