Basics you should know about A/B testing

Dec 27, 2019  3047 seen

Basics you should know about A/B testing

A/B testing is an amazing way to find out what works better for your business, what like more your visitors or marketing campaigns. It's an activity when you divide your audience into sections and provide each segment with another version of the same thing to see which is more liked by your audience.
Well, here's what you should know about A/B testing.

Testing only one change at a time

You need just one change so it will allow you to assess accurately which version has better results - you can monitor the process by their click-through rate, conversion rate, bounce rate or when more data is collected, etc.See what can you switch out in A/B testing?

A/B tests take time

Never rush the process, take your time and allow it to work properly. Mainly it depends on your traffic so it can last from days to weeks to gain the needed data of your users' preferences.

E.g. you're testing an email campaign, which in general takes a shorter time (not even a week). So if 70% of your emails are opened within a day and then keep on tapering off means you can limit your test length to 24 hours but anyway will get a great result.

Have a goal and stay focused on that

You need to start an A/B testing trying to improve your landing page's conversion for instance. While Test Group A has a much higher click-through rate, Test Group B ends up with a lesser click-through rate, but within that group, there’s a much higher ratio of conversion, comparatively. Of course, Group A had a high click-through rate but didn't convert as many visitors.

It may be tempting to implement the Group A principle on your landing page. Although you should remember you were seeking a higher rate of conversion in this example. Socremain focused on your original goal and on your desired results.

You should have a large list of Contacts for Email marketing A/B test

Sending out A and B versions of a marketing campaign, you're testing to understand which will be more successful. You send out two versions of the same marketing email to a portion of your contact list, determine the results, and then you can send an email with a better response to the rest of your contact list.

The more you can cultivate your contact list? You will definitely hear your message more when you have a bigger audience.

Now is the time to experience with the A/B testing opportunities. It’s the best way to learn what really works for your clients, contacts, and visitors. And it will save you marketing money and get you a better marketing ROI in the long run.