Do you know what is domain and how does it work?

Dec 04, 2019  3623 seen

Do you know what is domain and how does it work?

First, it's important to speak about IP addresses then pass them to domains.

Every single computer has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) that has a set of numbers separated with dots  ( for example). Those are a ''language" through which computers find and communicate with each other (just like dialing someone's telephone unique number).

Now let's understand what is a Domain Name?

We better continue with the phone analogy. So when someone wants to call another they click on the person's name and rarely type the full telephone number indeed. Well, domain names are simply the same. Everyone prefers to type the domain names instead of the complicated set of IP numbers, right for domain names are easier to remember than incomprehensible numbers - learn any domain name has its own IP address.

Now when we know what is a domain name, we're going through its Morphology. There are three various sections of the domain name.

So what's the next?

Each section of the domain name is distinctive and all you wanna do is picking a domain name you need and register.
In registering your domain, you do it with a Domain Name System (DNS) - a database connecting an IP address with its matching domain name.

In the end, the server simply goes back to your browser in a half a second.