7 Tips to Improve Conversion Rate

Jun 25, 2021  6004 seen

7 Tips to Improve Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

Overall, website conversion rates are around 2 percent. In this case, you can expect to get only 2 clients for every 100 visitors. That's a pretty good conversion rate. Many sites have conversion rates between 0.1 and 0.2%. To get 1 customer, you need 1000 visitors. How to improve conversion to attract more customers with existing traffic?

Here you can find 7 ways to improve conversion rates:

  1. Add a pop-up to your site

  2. Remove unnecessary form fields

  3. Add a third-party signup service

  4. Strengthen your CTA copy

  5. Add live chat to your site

  6. Add a countdown timer

  7. A/B test your headlines


1. Add Popups


According to research, the average conversion rate for all pop-up ads is 3.09 percent. However, if you do it right, you should be able to land in the top 10 percent of pop-up ads, which have a 9.28 percent conversion rate on average.

This little change will increase your conversion rate.


2. Remove Unnecessary Form Fields

conversion rate 

All you need to do is to find the right balance between getting important lead information and keep margins to a minimum. Just make sure each field is critical. If not, remove it.


3. Add a Third-Party Signup Service

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Nowadays, alternative logins have become very popular. Instead of creating a new profile from scratch, a user logs in using their Google, Facebook, or another account. This eliminates the signup form.


4. A Good CTA

 call to action

Common calls to action like Sign Up and Start Trial won't give you the best conversion rates. A few minutes spent perfecting your copy will give you an easy win in conversion rates. Start with a call to action that begins with the word "Yes." This is very effective from a psychological point of view, as it paints the sentence in a positive light.


5. Add Live Chat to Your Site

live chat

Many visitors want to buy your service but are not ready. They have lingering doubts or questions that prevent them from taking the final step. Live chat tools are perfect for helping these people. Like the popup, live chat tools are easy to add to any site and instantly improve the performance of your versions.


6. Add a Countdown Timer


It’s okay to become anxious when time is running out. You can add a countdown timer to your landing page and capitalize on this feeling.

Adding a countdown timer will only take a few minutes, and can immediately boost your conversion rate.


7. A/B Test Your Headlines

ab tetsing

A good headline can boost your conversion rate. So, if you take the wrong approach, some people won't read any longer. They'll just hit the back button and disappear forever.

When A / B testing your header, experiment with variables such as:


  • Length

  • Tone

  • Using statistics

  • Using numbers