The Psychology of Color in Web Design

Mar 20, 2021  2613 seen

In this article, you can find how you can use different colors in your digital strategy.

Color may influence individuals, and that depends on age, gender and culture. It influences not only how people feel, but what they do. Color psychology is also used in marketing and branding. Besides, according to studies, people decide do they like a product in 80 seconds and 90% of that decision is based on color. In this article, you can find how you can use different colors in your digital strategy.


The psychology of red


The red color is associated with love, energy, and lust, but it also has some potentially negative associations – war, anger, and danger.

When you need to draw attention to something. Red can be good for food, sport, marketing.

Too much red can be a bad thing. It does not work luxury goods, nature-related content.


The psychology of yellow


Yellow is a very bright color. This color is associated with happiness, optimism, and youth. Nevertheless, yellow also has some negative associations such as deceit, and cheapness.

When you need to energize people. It can be great for call-to-action buttons.

Yellow can become overpowering. Too much yellow can feel cheap.


The psychology of orange


Orange is a combination of red and yellow and is an energetic and vibrant color. It is often associated with fun, warmth, ambition, and enthusiasm.

When you want to make sure people notice your content. It can be good for automotive, technology, entertainment.

Again, do not overuse it.


The psychology of blue


Many people find that blue can be associated with quality, calmness, trust, relax and security.

It is good for health care, science, large corporations, and banks.

Too much blue makes your website feel cold, also can curb appetite.


The psychology of green


The green color is associated with summer, environment, activities, and wellness.

 When you need to create relaxing, calming content. It is good for tourism, the environment, and human resources.

 It is bad for luxury goods and tech.


The psychology of black


Black is associated with elegance, authority, power, and glamour. Anyway, it also has negative associations, including darkness and death.

When you need luxury content. It can be good for fashion, cosmetics, and goods. It also can play well with vivid colors for a sleek, modern feel.

It can be overwhelming, menacing or evil, and can make people feel uncomfortable. 


The psychology of white


This color is associated with cleanliness, innocence, and safety.

It is good for science, health care, and the high-tech industry. On the other hand, when it is paired with black, silver, or gray, can be good fr luxury and goods.

Since the effects of white depend almost entirely upon the other colors in the design, it can theoretically be used for any type of website.