The History of Fronty: Upgraded AI-Powered Converter

Aug 11, 2023  7342 seen

The History of Fronty: Upgraded AI-Powered Converter

In this blog post, we're excited to introduce you to the latest enhancements and features precisely created with your needs and preferences in mind. Our users' voice has guided every decision our team made, and we can't wait to show you how we've transformed your feedback into game-changing improvements.

So today, we will dive into the exciting new features of Fronty AI. 


The Evolution of Fronty AI

The History of Fronty AI


Fronty AI Version #1

In the first version, our AI went through a thorough improvement phase, significantly boosting its performance and improving the user experience in the following versions.

As you can remember, the first "HTML/CSS To Image Converter Powered-by AI" version had several shortcomings that needed addressing. The previous version also didn't have an editor. So we decided to make changes and develop our product.


Fronty AI Version #2

The second version of our AI was much better than the first one. It included a third-party editor for more features. However, there were server issues, so we had to make everything work better to give users a smooth experience without errors.


Fronty AI Version #3

As we all know from experience, any AI system can sometimes have issues or problems, just like any technology. However, we're proud to share that we've developed our Front AI that's good at recognizing more than 70 different types of web parts on websites. It's accurate more than 90% of the time!

We're talking about all sorts of things – from small icons to more complicated parts like Tables, Carousels (those moving picture things), Accordions (folding sections), Timelines (showing events in order), and even Charts (those visual graphs). Our AI is like a detective that can spot these parts accurately most of the time.

So, while other AIs might have their issues, we're focused on making sure our Fronty AI does a great job at identifying these different web parts. This helps make your website design work better and more precise, even if you're not an expert.


New Features of Fronty AI-Powered Editor

The History of Fronty AI

The History of Fronty AI

So, what is happening with Fronty? Our users have been asking this question long time now, and our team is here to explain what we are working on now.

It's been a long journey, but we are developing and enhancing Fronty to make it comfortable and easy to use.

  1. The most asked question by our users was, "What to do with the results that Fronty AI gave, and how do we make changes to them. Our primary aim with Fronty AI was to create a user-friendly and valuable tool. We wanted it to be beneficial not only for individuals unfamiliar with programming but also for users from all around the world. For nearly two years, we dedicated ourselves to refining the design and enhancing the user experience (UI/UX) of Fronty AI. Our efforts were guided by valuable feedback from our users throughout this journey.

  2. We decided to create a tool that allows our users to modify content and design according to their preferences easily. Presently, users can not only adjust global settings but also make changes to individual elements and sections within the tool.

  3. For intense, a user wants to modify the content. Our tool has integrated a Content Management System (CMS) that offers a seamless experience. Users can effortlessly update repetitive data, making the working process as easy as using Google Sheets!


Although our work isn't done yet, we want to express our gratitude to our users for their enthusiasm and patience.

We really wish we could answer your questions at the moment. Our team is always working, day and night, to improve Fronty AI. We'll update all our users and let you know when it's ready with new and exciting features.