What Will AI Be Like in 2030?

Jun 01, 2021  7117 seen

What Will AI Be Like in 2030?

You'll Be Able to Choose

thinking robot

If you want to renovate your living room today, you need to get rid of old furniture and get new things.

In 2030, you might change not only the look of your sofa but even the way you sit on it, all with the flick of a switch. Want it to look and feel like a leather sofa? No problem. Tired of this picture on your wall? It now looks exactly the way you want.

National identities could be blurred

If you live in France and only speak French, you may have a hard time accessing a lot of online content from America. These videos and articles are great, but if you could figure out what they are talking about, the translations aren't a choice.

In 2030, there may be no gap between a person publishing content online in one country and another person elsewhere in the world who can instantly access and understand it in their language.



Your Job Won’t Exist

robot replace us

It’s not all about good things. The robots won’t rise and kill us in 2030, but most probably they will take away that job you thought was irreplaceable.

In 10 years, roles such as car or truck drivers, equipment operators, medical diagnostic professionals, and lawyers will see a dramatic shift to AI-enabled intelligence and autonomy and therefore job losses for humans.

Workers will need to be retrained as AI develops and takes over jobs that only humans did.



AI Will be Embedded in Our Brains

embadded ai in our brain

AI will be able to directly interact with all our devices and our brains as well. In 2030, we will determine with a good degree of accuracy where each sensation and thought may reside in the brain. It won’t necessarily be a brain chip either. Virtual reality gatherings have become more common during the pandemic and then years from now, those meetings may feel real. The ability to embed virtual reality right into your brain will make virtual meetings real, so you can simulate the feeling of cuddling when you FaceTim with a friend.



AI Will be Embedded in Almost Everything 


Amazon may recommend a good pair of shoes, but once you buy them, they don't know what those shoes are. Pretty much anything you buy can be used in the future with AI to communicate how it is being used. If you buy running shoes, they tell the retailer how many times you run, and the systems can predict when you need new shoes or what else to offer you based on usage patterns.



AI Won’t Kill Us All

robots will not kill us

Most of us have seen or at least heard of several movies, such as the “Terminator” or “I am a robot”, where AI-powered robots rise to destroy humanity, but this doesn’t seem too likely.

Problems will arise as governments and personnel will have to adjust to the impact of AI on industry and commerce, but not to "fight killer robots in a post-apocalyptic wasteland" kind.