6 Figma Plugins for Wireframing

Jan 27, 2022  20156 seen

6 Figma Plugins for Wireframing

Figma Plugins

Figma is a web-based interface design application. It provides you with all of the tools you need to design the project, including vector tools and code generation for a hand-off. Figma is a fantastic design tool that quickly provides UX designers with the tools they need to create effective design screens and prototypes. Using the Figma tool and Figma plugins makes work easier and more efficient because it saves time and energy.

Figma allows users to create and save styles for various elements (text, colors, and effects), as well as mix and match them with other sets of elements.

Plugins are necessary for some designers, but they are not a "must-have" feature for others. Figma, on the other hand, began releasing its first plugin in 2019. If you have the right plugin, there's almost nothing you can't do in Sketch. Installing a plugin isn't enough of a hassle for many designers to switch from Sketch to a newer, lesser-known tool.

A wireframe assists in determining the user flow, structure, and information architecture of an app or webpage. A wireframe is a two-dimensional representation of a website or app. Because a wireframe typically represents an early product concept, styling, color, and graphics are kept to a minimum. Depending on the level of detail required, wireframes can be drawn by hand or digitally.


1. Wireframe

figma plugin for wireframing

The wireframe is an excellent Figma plugin. @itsmnthn and @imdeepjoshi of @HexorialStudio created this. It is a free plugin that comes in handy when doing on-the-fly wireframing and allows you to brainstorm ideas with a large group of people.

It simplifies the process of planning and brainstorming in the early stages of a project, and the "Wireframe" Plugin plays an important role in this process. It makes it easier because a team should spend more time thinking of awesome design ideas rather than the fundamentals they already know. A wireframe contains a list of Web, Mobile, and Tables templates, all of which are free and easy to use.

By simply clicking the Add icon on the template, you can add the necessary wireframe to your designs, and it will be inserted into your design file. You can customize any of the wireframe elements based on your theme and layout by clicking on them.

The Wireframe plugin allows you to spend your time defining advanced custom features for your products rather than designing basic and standard features.


2. Hand Wireframe

figma plugin for wireframing

Sonny Lazuardi created the Hand Wireframe, which is used to create handmade shapes that can create a wireframe to brainstorm, and it also converts your existing design to handmade wireframe with a single click. At the same time, it only supports Text, Rectangle, Circle, and Lines. It's a fun plugin to use, and I like the concept.


3. Wire Box

figma plugin for wireframing

Seán Halpin's Wire Box plugin transforms your high-fidelity design screens into simple wireframes. When developing a new feature for an existing product, you may not want to draw wireframes from scratch — in which case, this plugin comes in handy!


4. Pencil Pal

figma plugin for wireframing

Pencil Pal isn't exactly a wireframe tool, but it does assist you in getting the most out of the pencil tool. This small but powerful utility allows users to choose fill, stroke, and opacity before and during drawing. It comes in handy when working with a group and presenting ideas on the fly. While Figma provides similar functionality for managing the pencil tool, the plugin takes up less space than the standard panel and can be used even if the UI is hidden. It also has color-switching features that work in close quarters.

Working with a touch device would be a better experience than using the plugin to create wireframes from scratch.


5. Autoflow

figma plugin for wireframing

When building your designs using the design process, you must always draw user flows to clarify the flows that your users will follow to complete their tasks. To create user flows, it is usually preferable to use a tool other than the UI design tool. However, the Autoflow Figma plugin makes it simple to create this user flows by connecting UI elements with appropriate connectors while remaining within the Figma tool's workspace.

Using the Autoflow plugin is a little easier; you select two UI elements, and a connector connects them. It also allows you to personalize the connectors by changing their color, stroke, style, radius, terminals, and so on. 


6. Wireframer

figma plugin for wireframing

 Wireframer could be the next big thing in the wireframes text generation process. It can help with both high-fidelity and quick-and-dirty wireframes by generating a fantastic & unique SVG placeholder. Isometric illustrations are another example of a use case. Change the parameters and you'll get a one-of-a-kind excellent placeholder text!