Design Templates To HTML/CSS Converters

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Design Templates To HTML/CSS Converters

Artificial Intelligence

Our society is undergoing numerous changes due to the introduction of artificial intelligence. What was previously created by human hands can now be done with the help of AI in many areas. Many businesses have begun to use artificial intelligence to develop tools that aid web developers and designers in creating web projects. This shift has impacted the world of web design, as it has on many other industries. In recent years, several tools that use AI in design and web development have been developed. These new tools make professionals' jobs easier by assisting them in completing tasks to save time at various stages of the digital product creation process.


Thinking in HTML and CSS 

This is one of the most common misconceptions about 'designing in the browser,' referred to by many. Though the client deliverables have evolved into responsive HTML wireframes, sketching is still an essential part of the process. The good news is that making responsive HTML wireframes does not require you to be Ethan Marcotte. Several frameworks provide helpful, reusable code, allowing you to begin piecing together components and layouts that fit your ideas and sketches.




If you're looking for a plugin that will let you do whatever you want, Anima is a no-brainer. You can use Anima to convert Adobe XD to CSS and HTML, create forms, animate layers, high-fidelity prototypes, links and breakpoints between artboards, embed videos, and do more. Anima plugin provides the best professional-looking output for any website, web dashboard, or mobile app.



Aside from converting XD to HTML and CSS, Fireblade also offers language support, artboard alignment settings, and individual elements. It also provides outputs such as REACT, LIT-ELEMENT, and REACT-NATIVE files, allowing you to format outputs and provide responsive UI design. Fireblade falls short in terms of functionality compared to Anima or Web Expert. Despite this, it maintains a strong position in the plugin market. One more minor appealing feature of Fireblade is that you must work with codes when embedding forms and videos.


Web Expert


The Web Expert plugin not only exports XD to HTML and CSS, but it gives you more control over the codes and CSS settings. In a nutshell, it's an excellent CSS customization option. You can style your website in addition to converting it by adding alignments, converting text to images, images to graphics, and vice versa. Web Expert saves you time by allowing you to apply custom settings to any artboard or element of your design.




Fronty is a professional image to HTML conversion service that is very easy to use if you don't have any development skills and only know a little about HTML/CSS codes. This service will convert your mock-up design into a website by simply uploading an image and obtaining the source codes. Using this tool saves money and time because you won't have to pay developers to build a website for you, and the conversion process only takes a few minutes. Fronty's all-in-one editor allows you to solve all of the possible image editing problems that may arise while creating a design, building a website, etc. Still, the plugins presented below will also allow you to have fun. 



The best part about Yotako is that it converts designs into HTML and CSS more straightforward, faster, and more efficient. Not only that, but you can also convert your designs to Android, iOS, and the web. Yotako makes it easy to import designs into the plugin. Developers can relax for a long time because it makes conversion as easy as possible. Yotako will not disappoint you and deliver a ready-made code even if you use Balsamiq instead of Adobe Photoshop.



Numerous plugins are available on the market, making it challenging to select the best ones. However, I have done my best to bring the best XD to HTML conversion plugins for developers to make their work easier.

Before downloading any of the plugins mentioned above or any other, consider and decide on the goal of your website. Each plugin works differently, so choose wisely if you want an excellent coding experience.