Existing Image To HTML CSS Online Services

Apr 16, 2020  35051 seen

Existing Image To HTML CSS Online Services

When speaking image to HTML conversion there may be found tones of ways and already existing image to HTML CSS online services on the internet. However, in this article, we are going to speak about three cases to convert images to HTML and CSS codes with ease.

Considering some possible different cases, here we offer different solutions to get done your work easily and quickly.

Convert Website Template PNG File to HTML Code

If you have designed or chosen a website template in PNG format, and want to make your website looks exactly the same as the PNG file, things would be not that easy. You will need the help of Adobe Dreamweaver, the program allowing users to create their own webpages, also you need to have a basic knowledge about HTML and CSS.

The first step is to slice the images out from the PNG file, make sure all the extracted images or icons are in high resolution. For the detailed tutorial, refer to the following YouTube video:

Extended: Paid PNG to HTML Code Converter or Services

It is true that it takes so much time and effort to manually turn a PNG website template to HTML code. And luckily, there are 2 alternatives to do this.

Use a professional Image to HTML Converter—SliceMaker Platinum

SliceMaker is a web programmer, allowing users to slice web design images, create CSS and DIV. It supports PSD, PNG, JPG, GIF, users can save the image files as HTML, HTM, ASP, PHP, ASPX, ASCX, JSP. Also, it offers a free trial.

Or find a professional Image to HTML conversion service, for example, Fronty

If you know little about HTML codes, you can find an expert or ask for the service online, such as Fronty, which helps to convert web design images into HTML webpages.

Convert Code PNG Image to HTML text

To extract the code from a PNG image, and then add to an HTML file, OCR is required. OCR means Optical Character Recognition, it helps to recognize text from image-based files, such as scanned files or text images. To convert PNG to HTML for free, here we pick 3 online free tools.

#1 online-convert

I have tried dozens of online images to HTML converters, but online-convert is the only one that does OCR on PNG image and then exports as an editable HTML format. It is a powerful online converter to work on archives, audios, devices, documents, ebooks, images, videos, etc.

#2 convertio.co

Though conversion doesn’t support exporting PNG as HTML text directly, it is capable of doing OCR to save PNG in editable text, word, or other formats, then you will just need to paste the recognized text to an HTML file.

Convertio OCR can save PDF and various images in 11 editable formats, it can recognize multiple languages and process fast on the OCR job.

#3 online2pdf

online2pdf is another platform allowing users to convert PDF and images into various formats, it is capable of doing OCR on scanned PDF or images and export as editable formats, such as Text, Word, Excel, etc. Even, it allows users to customize the file to a limited extent.

Display Image in HTML file

As we know, an image cannot be directly added into an HTML file, we need to turn the image into HTML code. To display an image in an HTML file, you need to upload your PNG image to a server and get the URL. There are a lot of platforms allowing users to upload images online.