How AI Can Help Humanity

Oct 15, 2021  10531 seen

How AI Can Help Humanity

Artificial intelligence is the most talked about technology of our time. There are two completely opposite approaches to artificial intelligence - the technology of the future. One of the methods believes that AI is nothing more than a means that will take humanity to a new level of progress and innovation. While the other approach, equally suppressed by the idea, comes from fear of an unknown future. It revolves around the fear that artificial intelligence technology will take over the human world.


Increases Efficiency

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Aside from concerns about AI and it is reasonable to take a detached view. You can see that this industry is opening up new jobs, new ways of earning money and simply saving our money, which allows us to improve efficiency and automation. The most obvious example is the automotive industry. Time in this industry has put everything in its place, thereby protecting it, and also greatly simplified the production of cars.


Eliminates the Need for People to Perform Heavy Tasks

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The main argument is that this technology allows people to avoid complex tasks, completely taking on the most tedious work on their shoulders. A commonplace example at work in the banking sector. This is a very positive development course for banks. Since the introduction of AI, banks have accelerated all processes associated with the application to optimize the performance and interaction with the application. This way, they free up their time and energy for something bigger, like creative ideas, personal life, or simply focusing on consumers.


Medical Science

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It's no secret that the machine is given the ability to interact with our brain, which helps it delve into human psychology. All this is very interesting, but everyone is worried about one question: what is the use? Everything is quite simple, so the quality of treatment will improve.

Specifically, this will affect surgery, because machines have no senses. In accordance with this, it can be concluded that the surgical operation will be a more accurate, affordable and quicker procedure. If we allow the cooperation of living doctors and people with artificial intelligence, then science and medicine will reach new heights.


Solves Complex Social Problems

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Everyone knows that complex social problems arise in society from time to time, which undoubtedly await their solution. And AI has a broad development perspective in this matter. But based on the fact that people do not know how to apply this technology correctly, they are simply afraid. Once a sufficient number of people begin to understand the essence of the interaction of AI with our problems in society, then in this regard we will discover new opportunities and advantages in our lives.


Translation and Philology

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Currently, not all languages have been translated into different languages. In fact, there are about a hundred languages. With the introduction of this technology in large companies like Apple, we will come to the point where all languages of the world will be available. That is, in other words, people who speak their own language will be able to understand each other, despite the fact that the dialogue will take place in different languages.


Releases People From Any Responsibility

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In following this scenario, we should not blindly follow the lead of artificial intelligence. On the one hand, you can use this technology to predict some processes or problems in society, on the other hand, you can transfer all control over the situation to the head of the system.


Cyborg Technology

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It would be great if a person who for some reason lost a limb could find a replacement for his old one with a new robotic limb. Scientists seriously argue that in the future a person will have such an opportunity. The new limbs will interact directly with the human brain, allowing it to be controlled. This will allow the person to significantly improve their physical performance.


Investing in Artificial Intelligence For Good

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While the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies is growing, challenges remain. I have found that some of the main challenges facing organizations developing AI solutions for the benefit of society include fear of risk; determining how to measure the value of a solution; incomplete understanding of AI; high cost of technology; and regulatory, ethical and safety issues. However, organizations and institutions can overcome them by investing in cutting edge research, human capital and infrastructure, and by promoting AI literacy in society.

Organizations planning to invest in cutting-edge AI research or implement AI for the benefit of society must actively partner with research institutions and government agencies to apply their AI solutions to real impact. Moreover, seminars and forums are some of the best platforms for gathering the necessary information for organizations. These platforms can be used to understand if the organization's solutions are suitable for solving problems for the benefit of society.


A Threatening Future of AI

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The idea that AI is a technology that transcends the human imagination is the reason so many experts are intimidated. This approach is the result of a clear fear of the unknown capabilities of AI. No one can say what the future holds for AI and where the extremely advanced AI technology will lead. Will he remain under the rule of humans and serve humanity with his outstanding help, or is he going to surpass humanity. These are questions that cannot be answered now.

However, AI's enormous influence, which has ushered in a total revolution in a variety of fields such as agriculture, marketing, education, and design, is undeniable. Artificial intelligence appears to be a wonderful technology in many aspects, yet growth is astounding to the point of becoming frightening.


Bottom Line

Artificial intelligence has the ability to solve problems and can help people and communities around the world by solving the most difficult problems of today. With intelligent use of AI, we must continue to see a wide range of AI applications and new developments for the benefit of society.