2K20 Logo design trends

Dec 24, 2019  3518 seen

2K20 Logo design trends

New logo designs in 2020 are going to be amazing.
We're going to learn about some of them, but first, note that logo design is one of the most necessary niches of graphic design and its trending usually stays stable since logos last long.
So now let's meet the modern logo designs and find out which trends will be more popular in 2020.

Animated Black and White Logos

It's not news BW logos never go out of style for it's classy, simple and always goes with every design. I know lots of designers who after creating a color logo as a habit create also a black and white version of it. And in 2020 animated back and white logos are going to be highly trended.


Basic geometric-shaped logos that are highly simplified are on top of the industry. For making them easy-to-memorize designers often use unique color codes. Geographics are more recommended in the following shapes:

Gradient Logos

Gradient Logos are going to be trendy in 2020 as well. Through gradients, designers can turn simple logos into complex and "luxury" ones.
They can be: 


For graphic design retro-style effects are so trendy in 2020. Now retro designs are making a fantastic comeback and it modern as never before - let it be grunge effect, worn-out paper, or just retro patterns and so on.

Logotypes / Custom fonts

Imagine designers make a font for you and you use them as a logo. Perfect idea, right?
Logotypes can express even more than having an image for that. They will be a part of the logo design trend in 2020 too and are well appreciated by designers.

To sum up all, according to designers' predictions 2020 will be quite a colorful year in the logo design industry. We'll meet lots of minimalistic logos full of easy geometric lines and shapes, also ingenious logotypes, gradient-ed colorful logos, etc.