Best 6 Freebie Figma Mockups For Designers

Sep 24, 2022  9052 seen

Best 6 Freebie Figma Mockups For Designers

Generic Phone Mockup

figma mockup

This one will meet your requirements if you are looking for a smooth and straightforward Figma phone mockup. It features a vibrant color palette ideal for showcasing your mobile projects. The drag-and-drop mechanism allows you to create something spectacular in a brief period. Simply place your design on the template, make the necessary changes, and your professional presentation is complete.


Social Media Mockup

figma phone mockup

It's an excellent mockup for Figma users who build social networking websites. It includes a variety of mockups, allowing you to create a complete website without using additional tools or resources. This mockup's layers are professionally designed, so you won't have any problems using it for your projects. Depending on your requirements, you could use it for branding experiments or personal use.


Flat Mobile Mockup

mockup figma

This is an excellent option if you're looking for clean Figma device mockups. It belongs to the modern frame collection, and its simplicity makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals. It is explicitly designed for Figma and includes all necessary components for simple setup and integration. It performs admirably as an android mockup Figma and provides you with complete control over customization and functionality.


Apple Watch Mockup

figma device mockups

Individuals interested in and curious about designing watches will enjoy this free Apple watch mockup. Because it is a complete solution, even professionals with years of experience could easily use it for their projects. It is a quick and easy way to professionally present your ideas and concepts. It is entirely customizable, so if you have some creative ideas, you can easily make them a reality.


Clay Phone Mockups

Clay Phone Mockups for Figma

Clay is Figma mockups designed with minimalism to help you focus on your designs. If you need a quick template to copy and paste into your project, this free template from Sergey on the community page is a great place to start. Check out this collection of 1200+ clay mockups available through the Figma mockup plugin for more clay devices and different angles.


Browser Mockup

android mockup figma

This kit is a must-have item for any designer's inventory because it includes a complete package of various types of browser mockups. Mockups of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and a generic browser are included. The good news is that it includes both Windows and Mac versions, so you can use it regardless of the operating system you are currently using. It is an excellent resource for displaying your design solutions, and you can also use your ideas to make the necessary changes.


Samsung Galaxy Wireframe Mockup

Samsung Galaxy Wireframe Mockup for Figma

The Samsung Galaxy is a flagship Android device, and this mockup gives you a minimal mockup perfect for any use case. If you want more Samsung mockups, you should check out this collection of over 13,000 phone mockups available in Figma via the Mockuuups plugin.