Do developers write codes even on Xmas days?

Dec 19, 2019  3656 seen

Do developers write codes even on Xmas days?


A few days left until Christmas Holidays. Christmas memes and jokes about programmers and coding are well known to most people within the last couple of years. And many non-programmers ofter are wondering: so do developers work even on Xmas days? Are those famous memes reality or just jokes?


Well, according to some answer-questions on various socials Christmas coding is, indeed, true.

Developers were active during the past 2-3 years on Christmas eve and holidays. But let's see how active as stated by all the events statistics occurred on Christmas days.

Are Developers working more on Christmas days? 

Again, according to statistics, there's around a 40% average increase every year since 2015. All of this analysis was based on open source means the numbers for the industry probably will be much lower.