Fronty AI 2024 - Exciting News, Updates, and Improvements

Mar 06, 2024  5494 seen

Fronty AI 2024 - Exciting News, Updates, and Improvements

Fronty AI Accuracy Improvement

We have some exciting news to share with you! The Fronty team has new big updates, and we are happy to announce that our server works perfectly! Whether starting or continuing your work with us, you can expect a smooth experience.

Fronty AI Version #1:
  • Thorough improvement phase.

  • Significantly enhanced performance.

  • Introduced an editor to address previous shortcomings.

Fronty AI Version #2:
  • Featured a third-party editor for additional functionalities.

  • Addressed server issues for a smoother user experience.

Fronty AI Version #3:
  • Featured a third-party editor for additional functionalities

  • Identifies diverse elements, from icons to complex components.

Fronty AI Version #4: Current Version
  • Recognizes over 70 web parts with 70% accuracy.

  • Instead of converting the screenshots in the provided design, it can identify screenshots and leave them as they are.

fronty ai

  • If you have a separate image on your background image, It now detects them both instead of mistakenly identifying both images as one.

fronty ai

  • If you were designing a map, and there was a lake, instead of detecting the lake as a button, our AI now understands that the lake IS a lake :).

fronty ai


Fronty AI Version #4 Speed Improvement 

Our latest AI model, Fronty AI Version #4, has undergone significant updates that have improved its performance, making it faster than ever. Furthermore, our AI is now more complex, with a larger model with more parameters and an increased capacity to understand and generate complex patterns. 

I’m sure some of you remember those capacity issues you faced. Well, guess what? We've fixed them!  With over 220,000 active users, our server is working perfectly, ensuring each one can use the full potential of our AI without worry. We've got your back and are thrilled to take your AI experience to exhilarating new heights! 


AI-Powered No-Code Editor Upgrade

Our AI-powered no-code editor allows you to make changes across your work by editing details. 

You can:

  • Transform your project's aesthetics through the simplicity of our no-code editor.

  • Tailor global stylings with ease, configuring light/dark support, lightness settings, and primary color choices effortlessly.

  • Stay ahead with regular updates, ensuring a continually improving and top-notch AI experience.

But that’s not all we offer! More cool features are coming your way. Stay tuned for ongoing improvements and an exciting editing adventure!

Fronty AI 2024 - The Big Road

We also want to take a moment to share some of the challenges with you. Our founder faced some personal problems, which added unexpected complexity to our update and bug-fixing process. However, our team kept going, and we're happy to say the server is working perfectly now.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing users! Your enduring patience and unspoken support mean the world to us. We understand that waiting for something you believe in requires special dedication, and we genuinely appreciate your commitment. Your loyalty has been our motivation; thank you for standing by us!