How to create a website content that drives traffic

Jan 21, 2020  3575 seen

How to create a website content that drives traffic

Content Creation

One of the most important components of creating a website is its content and when you're starting to run it your main priority should be the content.
If your visitors are not provided with an attractive layout or content your website will lose about 1/3 of engagements.
Do not forget your content should be reached both to your visitors and, of course, SEO.
Here we're going to introduce you to the following tips on creating content for your website that will bring you traffic and conversion rates.


Understand Your Audience

When you know who you're speaking to it will be more understandable to find out what and how to talk to them. This will help you to sell whatever you are providing - idea, software, product, or any kind of service.

You should have an idea at least who is your target market: Where is your audience from? What do they look like? their age and range, common interests, and so on.
Answer these questions on your own and start your activities considering them.

Content Value

One of the most essential things is the value of your content. Being a good writer is enough, as long as one of your priorities should be providing value through your words. So when you know who is your audience you will start to speak to them directly through their interests, etc. Before each written sentence, make sure your audience is going to care about it. Try to fix their problems and align their desires with your speech.

Also, it is worth considering the actual and the recent internet trends of content from other blogs or web pages which are relevant to you.

Optimized Content

Is It Necessary To Optimize Your Content? Of course, it is! Even if you have an amazing website full of valuable and targeted content you are not going to get noticed without content optimization or, it's better to say, without specific SEO techniques through which you can get a higher ranking.

First of all, try to find the right keywords for your website and then get along well with them. In other words, after discovering several valuable keywords start using them into your sentences whenever and however it's possible.

Website Links

You probably want to understand the power of linking now. External linking, which is the same as outside linking, helps search engines validate the credibility of your website content, and also helps you make friends with other websites' owners. In this way, you can increase the chances of getting a backlink to you.

Now about internal linking (linking to your pages). You can simplify your content and make readers navigate across your site by referencing blog posts and different sites from one to another. So in this way you can avoid saying too much in just one place.

Be Short And Simple

It's if people do love talking about themselves or their businesses. In general, it always happens so that we are being too long. So it's very important not to waste others' time on unnecessary details. Always try to keep your content direct and straightforward.
Even here, in blog articles, 75% of readers quit reading them if the article is more than 1000 words. So let's move to the next step.

Avoid Using Jargon

Jargon is something that is used when you're joking with your co-workers or parties in your industry. It is very specific so it will be useless to your visitors. It is most likely that your visitor who enters the website for the first time knows nothing about it. So try to avoid using jargon and speak to them in a way that is simple and easy to understand.


CTAs will help your content look and be more effective. CTA is an action item through which you'll lead your readers whenever you find it needed for you.
For example, if you want to get readers to your newsletter, or you want them to leave feedback, vote, make purchases or anything else, relevantly use CTA and it will be the best way for you.

Be Visually Pleasing

The last thing may not seem that important, but your literate speech, audience researches, shiny buttons for call-to-actions, and all will not have so much value if they are visually not pleasing for visitors.

Make your website design intriguing, for the texts try to visually minimize them by breaking them up into paragraphs, use bullets and numbered lists.
Do not forget to leave white spaces to allow it to breathe. With the help of all the mentioned points, your content will be visually pleasing and highly valued by your visitors.