AI-Powered Image to HTML CSS Converter

In 2016, the Fronty team challenged the traditional website development process,
training AI to generate HTML CSS codes from an image.


In 1992, when the World Wide Web was just created - there were only 10 websites on the planet. The number grew within the years and by the time of writing this article there are more than 1.3B active websites with 6% annual growth*.

* according to

The statistics present the recent 10 years annual growth for the website creation industry of the US market:

The Problem

A traditional website creation process is the following: first, you need to find a web designer for your website mockup, then to hire a developer for coding the given design - the process can last up to months, so it is time-consuming, and you will need to invest up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a rule, the final result and the quality of the website - make owners really suffer! Fronty AI technology suggests a 100x faster and 100x cheaper way of creating websites. Btw, Google loves provided speed and quality :)

Existing Solutions

Currently, existing online website builders have very limited functionality and a small count of templates to start with.

Only AI-powered services can provide high-class quality and re-usable codes. Of course, no AI is perfect yet, but the world is going in that direction for sure!

Existing AI solutions are either at the research level or converting just a wireframe instead of full-ready designs (e.g. Microsoft Sketch2code).

Our Solution

Fronty AI technology is meant to change the world to a totally new way of website creation. In the relative market, some say this modern technology is years ahead of all existing solutions in the world.


  • By uploading a screenshot or a sketch file, AI recognizes following:
    • structures,
    • types,
    • sections,
    • elements
    • and almost all their styles.
  • Based on that data it generates the final HTML CSS code just in a few minutes which can be modified and published-live immediately! Magic ✨

Fronty AI Technology

Image to HTML CSS

The process of implementing a client-side software is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) generating codes from a mockup. Our AI detects the different types of sections on the image (e.g. navbar, header, footer). Besides section is detects almost all kinds of elements and their styles (e.g texts, images). Based on that data creates the main layout of the webpage and generates HTML/CSS code.

Some additional steps make the result code to match the best-practices. Website speed is optimized for Google PageSpeed Testing Tool. Generates CSS code is a Customized Bootstrap theme aiming to make developers’ life easier when editing it in the future.

The Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks and Deep Learning take a screenshot as an input and generate HTML CSS as an output. Most of the AI technologies we’ve implemented and trained are pending to patent, that’s why we can’t dive deep into the details.
The main AI which is equipped with a CNN special neural network - can detect both objects and objects’ styles on the JPG or PNG image. This allows us not to be limited only with Photoshop or Sketch or any design tools and applications. Any JPG/PNG file is accepted - even users can take screenshots of existing websites. Through deep learning methods we leveraged to train an AI with up to 90-92% of accuracy.

The Final Result Provided by Fronty AI

Fronty AI generates code based on Bootstrap, considered the most popular and common UI Framework based onHTML / CSS and JS. From now on, after the image is converted into codes, you can download and modify them manually without hassle.

Why Bootstrap?


  • Responsive CSS adjusts to phones, tablets, and desktops

  • Mobile-first styles are part of the framework

  • Compatible with all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera).


For Google Ranking - We Provide:


  • Up to 98% Page speed optimized - All the final code is minified. Images are optimized.

  • Up to 100% SEO friendly - Search Engine optimization best practices are followed by ex-Google SEO.

  • Mobile-Tablet Friendly - Mobile-first approach is used when generating HTML CSS code.

  • 100% Accessible - Usage of ARIA landmarks makes our generated website easily accessible!

  • World-Class Standards - Artificial intelligence doesn't make human mistakes. The provided code is 100% always W3C valid and matches ISO/IEC 15445 standards.

Considering what users love - we provide:

  • Best practices - 0 line custom-written code. Critical CSS and CRP are rendered. 

  • W3C Valid - Check the markup (HTML, XHTML, etc) of Web documents.

  • SCSS Instead Of CSS - Source code is based on powerful SCSS. Enjoy variables, nesting, and many others.

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