The Best AI-Powered Business Intelligence Platforms

Sep 11, 2022  9491 seen

The Best AI-Powered Business Intelligence Platforms

The most critical aspect of data transformation is data analysis. The availability of large datasets from various sources can be used to generate the importance of Artificial Intelligence. The majority of businesses are required to implement Artificial Intelligence platforms. Platforms for business intelligence aid in data analysis and management and provide creative dashboards for data visualization to compare KPIs efficiently. These AI-based technologies are highly beneficial for the implementation of Business Intelligence. The global Business Intelligence market will grow by more than 15% in the next five years. As a result, organizations must implement AI-powered BI platforms to leverage the intelligent functionalities of business intelligence tools.


Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Power BI is a set of services, apps, and connectors that work together to transform disparate data sources into visually immersive, coherent, and interactive displays. It offers a free version of the above platform with a 1 GB data capacity limit per user and a data refresh schedule of once per day. It can be displayed on desktops and mobile devices via Google Analytics, Salesforce, and other platforms. It is one of the best Business Intelligence platforms, and its products are used in various industries, including health care, retail, energy, and manufacturing.



Tableau is a leading data analytics platform and one of the best platforms for business intelligence. It is the best platform for displaying visual analytics of given data, which aids in the transformation of real-world examples into in-depth insights for solving complex and challenging problems in today's business. Tableau offers a variety of business intelligence tools such as Server, Desktop, CRM, Public, Data Management, embedded analytics, and so on. It also includes AI for various industries, including health care, retail, energy, and manufacturing.



Domo is a well-known business intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence to unlock the value of real-time data. It is primarily concerned with data integration, intelligent apps, and embedded analytics. Companies can use this AI-powered BI platform to increase data agility, promote data literacy, automate tasks, and distribute data to stakeholders.



Qlik, also known as Qlik Sense, is a well-known business intelligence tool that provides data visualization for accurate data analysis. It provides businesses with interactive reports, creative dashboards, drag-and-drop functionality, smart search features, and more.

SAS Analytics Software


SAS Analytics Software is also an excellent AI Platform for providing products to businesses. SAS Analytics Software includes SAS Investigation and Detection, as well as SAS Visual Analytics. It also aids in cloud-based solutions, data management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other advanced data analytics solutions, among other things.