Top Programming Languages in 2022

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Top Programming Languages in 2022

Learning a Programming Language in 2022 Guide

Programming is a vast field, and starting to learn it without a plan can be a waste of time. You may end up learning something that you will never use. Let's take a step by step and clarify.

Step 1. Decide on a goal

First of all, find out what exactly you need to learn for the desired job by answering some of the following questions.

Once you've answered the questions, start researching the area you want to work in to get the skills you need.

Suppose you have explained what you want, okay. If not, don't worry; you can start learning without even knowing exactly what you want. 

Step 2. Learn the basics

The most common mistake newbies make is to watch the tutorials over and over again, learning all the terminology. Unfortunately, they delay the actual training due to over-preparation. When it comes to learning syntax, learn as much as you need to, don't waste weeks on it. You don't need to memorize all the terminology; it is impossible and unnecessary. You can use the tutorials or course to learn the basics, but once you have a quick understanding of the syntax, put aside the tutorials and practice on your own.

Many beginners find themselves in an uncertain learning state and never get out of it because they feel like they don't have all the "tools" to start coding.


1. Go (GoLang)

go lang programming language

Go is one of the fastest-growing programming languages. Many companies prefer it for backend development because of its incredible speed compared to Python or JavaScript.

Go was developed by Google and therefore enjoys a lot of community support and a large organization. Go is one of the most in-demand programming languages ​​that developers want to learn. To make it even more attractive, according to the same survey, the average salary for Go developers is much higher than that for Python, JavaScript, and C # developers.

There is a possibility that the results may be biased as most of the Go developers currently work for Google and other major tech companies. Go supports concurrency, scalability, and high performance. It is a modular and versatile language that companies use across many domains. Some popular use cases for Go are:

It is an easy language for beginners. It contains some of the best documentation and many great tutorials for learning Go.


2. JavaScript


JavaScript is a very popular programming language. This is the language of the Internet. Every interaction you make with the website is done using JavaScript. The number of JavaScript developers in the past year has been overwhelming. At the same time, the need for good JavaScript developers who understand the language well and can build applications efficiently is growing.

JavaScript, along with HTML / CSS, is ranked in the top two for the most popular technologies. Screenshot of Stack Overflow'21 Developer Survey JavaScript developers are in greater demand than ever before, thanks to the rise of e-commerce, Web3, and web applications. If you can write JavaScript code, you won't be desirable in the industry.

Some of the popular JavaScript use cases:

The vast majority of companies use JavaScript and its frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, and Node. It's a difficult language to start with, but it's easy to learn over time. It is better to start with something simple and then move on to JavaScript. With a good grasp of JavaScript, I'm thinking of moving on to TypeScript. Millions of reviews confirm that TypeScript makes JavaScript even better.


3. Python


Whether someone works in the tech industry or not, they've probably heard of Python. It is the most requested programming language in the industry. Screenshot of Stack Overflow'21 Developer Survey Python is a very versatile language. You can use it for machine learning, big data, web development, and even application development. It's pretty easy for any newbie to master in no time. But the biggest benefit is the Python community and libraries. You can find a Python library for just about any task you can imagine.

It is used in most areas in the industry such as -

Python is easy to learn and almost like English. But it can get relatively difficult when you start learning difficult things.


4. C ++


C ++ has shown the highest growth rate of any programming language over the past five years. There are many reasons for the demand for C ++. First, the demand for C ++ programmers continues to grow. Secondly, it is an object-oriented language that is widely used by developers. It has been used in the past in many industries including games, telecommunications, aerospace, and artificial intelligence research.

The C ++ programming language is widely used in academia with its enormous potential to create highly reliable software systems that are easy to maintain. Universities and colleges will start teaching C ++ courses for students who want to study software engineering or computer science *

More and more companies will use C ++ because they need more efficiency and speed than other languages ​​can provide. It is believed that C ++ will become the most popular programming language in the world. In 2022, it will account for approximately 16% of the global share of all programming languages. It is a versatile language used to develop everything from simple text editors to complex video games.