Is AI That Scary?

Jun 07, 2021  7137 seen

Is AI That Scary?

Artificial Intelligence

You might think that artificial intelligence is something that only the big tech giants are focused on, and that artificial intelligence does not affect your everyday life. However, there are many examples of AI in daily life. Each time when we think of artificial intelligence, scenes of robot-killers and computer-gone-rogue often come to mind. Many Hollywood movies have instilled in us a sense of dread at the thought of an AI going against its programming and turning on humans. As AI keeps developing, and businesses continue to ramp up investments in it, some worry that not enough attention is being paid to the technology's broader social and moral implications. However, why is AI that scary? We will talk about some common fears that bother people the most.



Unemployment Scare

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A common fear among developers and workers, in general, is the likelihood that AI will lead to massive global unemployment as jobs increasingly become automated and human labor is no longer required. In his interview professor at the University of Edinburgh’s school of informatics, Alan Bundy said, “Job losses are probably the biggest worry”. However, soon, truck drivers, equipment operators, medical diagnostic professionals, and lawyers will be replaced by artificial intelligence.



War Scare

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The emergence of so-called "killer robots" and other applications of AI in military applications has raised experts' fears that this technology could lead to war. Remotely controlled platforms such as drones are weapons systems whose critical functions are controlled by artificial intelligence. The weapon processes data from onboard sensors and algorithms to select and attack targets without human intervention. The idea behind this bold prediction was that the likelihood of a military AI system making a mistake in its analysis of the situation could lead countries to make hasty and potentially disastrous decisions. It is important to emphasize that the inclusion of AI in weapons systems is important because we seek to highlight the coming emergence of fully autonomous machines making life and death decisions without any human intervention. Human control is increasingly compromised in human-to-human interactions. 



The SuperIntelligence


Another big fear of artificial intelligence is the fear of superintelligence, or that AI will reach a point where it no longer cares about humanity. Technology will reach the point where it can learn, improve and innovate on its own, and instead of becoming a force for the betterment of humanity, humanity will become a servant of technology. There are fears that our brains will simply not be able to keep up with progress, development, and inventions after a certain point, because everything will go too fast. Nonetheless, the main goal of big companies is to develop artificial intelligence that stands for the benefit of humanity.