AI Evolution: Super Intelligence

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AI Evolution: Super Intelligence

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

AI evolution

In fact, when it comes to artificial intelligence, we are missing the bigger picture. Again, humanity has deceived itself into thinking that this time is the end. The impending technological revolution will take over our work and wipe us off the face of the earth. But this is not surprising. Each technological revolution leads to an increase in welfare, living standards, social equality, and other positive results. Will this revolution be different? Oh yes! But differently. AI will not make humans a "useless class" and cause social chaos as some futurists suggest. He will revolutionize what has never been revolutionized before - in man himself. Technology rules everything: economy, politics, demography. However, one part of humanity that technology has not yet had a significant impact on our knowledge.


Until now, our evolution has been biological. We have developed additional brain levels, upright posture, and other physical attributes to adapt to our ever-changing lifestyle. However, we have reached a point in time where our biological evolution is not keeping pace with the pace of change.
Artificial Intelligence develops so fast that in the near future it will become artificial superintelligence. Now let’s figure out what Artificial Superintelligence is.


Artificial Superintelligence

super intelligence

Superintelligence means intelligence that is way smarter than the best human brains in virtually every area, including scientific creativity and social skills. This definition leaves open the way of realizing superintelligence: it can be a digital computer, a set of networked computers, cortical tissue cultivation, or something else. It also remains an open question as to whether the supermind is conscious and whether it has a subjective experience.

By this definition, entities such as companies or the scientific community are not superintelligent. While they can perform several tasks that no human is capable of, they are not intelligent, and there are many areas in which they perform much worse than the human brain - for example, you cannot talk in real-time with the "scientific community".
While artificial superintelligence is undoubtedly fraught with its own existential threats, which can create a frightening future, it can also bring a utopian threat. ASI has the ability to uncover some of the universe's deepest mysteries. It will reveal in one second what the brightest minds throughout history would take millions of years to even scrape off the surface. This could demonstrate to us higher levels of consciousness or thinking that we are not aware of, like a philosopher who leads prisoners from Plato's cave into the light of a previously unknown world. There can be much more in this universe than we currently understand. It must be because we don't even know where the universe came from at all! This artificial superintelligence is the ticket to this understanding. There is a real chance that within a century we may witness some of the greatest responses of all time. Are we ready to take the risk?




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