Top 5 Programming Languages for Beginners

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Top 5 Programming Languages for Beginners

Programming For Beginners

The digital world is evolving, and as every aspect of our lives goes digital, the demand for computer experts is skyrocketing. Therefore, knowledge of programming languages has become critical for every IT professional. In general, programming languages are at the center of this ever-growing field of computer science.

For newbies who are just starting to learn to code or those who would like to get started, this can be a little intimidating! There are many programming languages and it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. If you are new to programming, you need to learn a new language or a new structure. As a beginner to a programming language, make sure you remain stable in both learning and programming. However, choosing the best of hundreds of programming languages can be daunting and confusing. We created a list of programming languages that are great if you are just starting.




JavaScript is another language that is in great demand right now, but it should not be confused with Java! Let's clarify-  Java is a programming language, JavaScript is a scripting language. It's relatively easy to learn, but perhaps not as easy as something like Python. It works on every platform and is already in your browser for you to start learning, which means you don't need to install it. If you want to build something for the web, then JavaScript should be on your list of programs to learn.

You can start using JavaScript right away to get started building websites and games for the Internet. This is one of the fundamental technologies on which the Internet known to us today is built. It is dynamic and flexible for use in object-oriented programming.




The growing importance of data in business has led to a rapid increase in the popularity and demand for Python. Python is used in server-side development, web and mobile app development to build machine learning software, Python can't do anything. In addition, this programming language has an extensive collection of libraries, tools, and frameworks, making it indispensable in the fields of data science and machine learning.

Obviously, python is one of the most used programming languages of all. This is mainly since it is simple, readable, and you can use fewer lines of code to express a concept than with other languages. It is a scripting language that allows you to create large amounts of code in short periods. It is free and open-source, and there are many tools and documentation available for learning Python.



ruby programming language

Ruby is a dynamic object-oriented scripting language used for developing websites and mobile applications. Like  Python, Ruby also is simple and readable. It usually targets web applications. This is the language that their framework runs in, Ruby on Rails, which is behind websites like Twitter, Groupon, and GitHub.

It's easy to master with a helpful 20-minute quick start guide on the official Ruby site. It is easy to read and has a large community of programmers behind it, ready to answer questions. There is a wealth of documentation and great resources available to help you understand Ruby right from the start.




Java is definitely one of the most common programming languages in the world. Java 1.0 was released in 1995 on a write once, run anywhere. Ruby is a class-based object-oriented language that is designed to be portable. This means you can find it almost everywhere; on all platforms, operating systems, and devices.

Java has been around for so long that there is a lot of information on the net about it. This is perfect for beginners. It has an incredible set of tools and great editors that let you know right away if you have any bugs. Java programming is a highly sought-after skill, and knowledge of it opens up many job opportunities.




Blockly is a free program and also is a basic visual language. It can be used by everyone, both old and young. The users learn to write programs by putting blocks together and creating simple functions. Each visual object is also a code object. Blockly strives to use blocks to create readable code, which can be JavaScript or Python, etc. This means that once newbies get the hang of it, they can move on to more complex programs. Its simple drag and drop function can help you build apps very easily. Then you can export what you are doing and apply it to real programming languages.




c sharp

C # also known as C-sharp was built by Microsoft and inspired by the C programming language. However, C # is much more advanced than the C programming language. It is also dynamic and fully integrated with the .NET framework. C # is loved by most developers as it is used to create 2D and 3D games using the Unity game engine. Not only that, it's common in desktop and mobile app development as well. At the moment, C # ranks 4th in the PYPL popularity rating, the demand for C # as a programming language and its growth will certainly grow over time. So, if you are a beginner and plan to learn a programming language, try some practical C # skills in 2021. C # is mainly used for 2D and 3D game development, web development, desktop, and mobile VR applications. In addition, knowledge of multiple programming languages ​​has also become a trend among techies in recent years. It is also important to update your programming knowledge from time to time by taking skill tests and participating in challenges and hackathons. If you are a programming enthusiast, TechGig can be your one-stop platform for all your learning and development needs.