Can AI Replace Humans At Work?

Jul 12, 2021  6562 seen

Can AI Replace Humans At Work?

Can AI Replace Us?

can ai replace humans

We, humans, tend to make mistakes. On the other hand, computers are not prone to human error. They receive a set of instructions and execute them exactly as written in the code. This is extremely important for tasks such as data entry, where a typo can wreak havoc.

In all likelihood, AI will take on tasks that require copying, pasting, decrypting, and typing. At least a new AI employee might be there checking your work.

Lack of rest, personal stress, boredom from repetitive tasks, even a hangar - these are all purely human problems. For example, if you stay awake all night, it will affect your work the next day. According to, lack of sleep can lead to loss of attention, decreased reaction times, irritability and mistakes. Computers never need to sleep, right? Despite everything, their operational capabilities are the same. Likewise, a person gets bored of repeating the same movement and doing the same thing every day. That's what machines were made for.

Occupations such as mining, factory work, and machine tool assembly put workers at risk. Whether it's dangerous fumes, falling objects, or extreme temperatures at work, there will always be circumstances and situations in which people can be seriously injured or killed. 

AI can be used in manufacturing to improve the efficiency of processes and protect workers from harm. Opportunities for using AI and machine learning in manufacturing include product development, logistics optimization, predictive maintenance, and of course, robotics.   

While machines can also be damaged or destroyed when performing hazardous work, they are not as fragile and can withstand enormous amounts of pressure, heat, airborne toxins, and other threats.

According to the APA, while the initial cost of building and training an AI machine is high, the total cost of ownership is much lower than the wages of a human doing the same job.

The machine only requires electricity and periodic maintenance to operate. Hiring a person requires resources to find and train them, not to mention the annual salary and benefits that must be paid.


Why AI Can’t Replace All Jobs

People Thrive On Creative Thinking

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Computers are great at repetitive tasks. However, people really shine when it comes to creative thinking. The inner workings of the brain are extremely complex, and machines simply cannot reproduce them.

Any jobs that involve creativity or creative problem solving - musicians, artists, writers, marketers, inventors - will not be replaced by artificial intelligence.


Computers Can't Imitate Human Connection

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Many jobs require building trust and bonding between people for people to relax, open up and talk about themselves. While AI can “technically” play the role of teacher, therapist, or nurse, nothing can replace the critical human connection created by the people in these roles. Computers, although capable of communicating, lack a human touch.