Top 6 Figma Alternatives: Prototyping and UI/UX Tools

Apr 15, 2024  5869 seen

Top 6 Figma Alternatives: Prototyping and UI/UX Tools

Introduction: Figma Alternatives

Figma is a tool that almost everyone has heard about, whether you are a designer, programmer, or marketer. However, for those unfamiliar with Figma, it is a flexible web design platform that allows real-time teamwork to create interactive user interface prototypes. Due to Figma's high accessibility and browser compatibility, designers can work from anywhere. Figma provides a wide range of price alternatives, such as a feature-rich free version and multiple comprehensive paid subscription plans catered to distinct user requirements.

Nevertheless, this article is for those looking for alternatives. Several Figma alternatives are available due to pricing concerns, feature requirements, or a desire for diversity.

Well, let's explore 6 alternatives, each offering unique features and strengths.

Adobe XD

Adobe is one of the best Figma alternatives. As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, XD boasts seamless integration with other Adobe products, making it a top choice for designers already invested in the Adobe ecosystem. Its powerful prototyping features, responsive design tools, and extensive plugin ecosystem make it a compelling alternative to Figma. 


Adobe XD offers a free plan with limited features. For full functionality and collaboration features, the paid plans start at $9.99 per month for individuals and $19.99 per month per business user.



Sketch has long been a favorite among UI/UX designers for its robust vector editing capabilities and extensive plugin library. While it lacks Figma's real-time collaboration features, it offers unparalleled control over design elements and is particularly well-suited for Mac users.


Sketch offers 2 premium plans, Standard and Business, which start at $9 and $20 per month per editor, respectively, and include a 30-day free trial. The software is exclusively accessible for macOS, and there is no free tier, although students and educators can obtain it for free through the Sketch for Education initiative.


InVision Studio

InVision Studio combines design and prototyping into a single platform, allowing seamless transitions between design and interaction. With features like advanced animations, responsive design tools, and real-time collaboration, it's a strong contender for teams looking to streamline their design process.


Invision has 3 pricing options: Free ($0), Pro ($9.95 per active user/month), and Enterprise (price varies). When you sign up, you will be on the Free plan, which you can upgrade at any time. If you're already on a paid plan and want to upgrade again, you'll only be charged a prorated amount during the upgrade.



Explicitly focused on interactive prototyping, ProtoPie offers high fidelity and control over micro-interactions and animations. Its intuitive interface and support for complex interactions make it a preferred choice for designers working on mobile apps and web interfaces.


With ProtoPie's free plan, you can try high-fidelity prototyping for free. Besides, they have 3 plans: Basic ($25), Pro ($67), and Enterprise ($Custom) for more sophisticated functionality and collaboration options. 


Axure RP

Axure RP is a heavyweight in the prototyping world, known for its robust functionality and support for complex interactions. While its learning curve may be steeper than other tools, its ability to create highly detailed prototypes and comprehensive documentation sets it apart as a preferred choice for enterprise-level projects.


Axure provides 3 plans: Axure RP 9 Pro: $495 per user for a permanent license, or $29 per user per month. Axure RP 9 Team: $895 per user for a permanent license or $49 per monthly user. 



While not a direct competitor to Figma regarding design capabilities, Zeplin serves as a bridge between designers and developers by providing a platform for sharing design specs, assets, and style guides. Its seamless integration with design tools like Sketch and Adobe XD makes it invaluable for design handoff and collaboration.


Zeplin is super affordable. It offers 2 plans: Team, which costs $8.00 per user per month, and Establishment, which costs $16.00 monthly. Zeplin also provides a feature-limited Free Plan and Enterprise Plan.